Unedged oak boards
Unedged oak boards - фото 1
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Unedged oak boards

оптовая цена
от 380 /метр куб., мин. 18 м.куб.
Условия поставки: DAP любой город Чехии
Zyma Galyna
,  Севилья, ES
на Флагма с 21 сентября 2018


Attention Czech woodworking enterprises!
We sell unedged oak boards from Russia in any quantities. The sizes at the request of the customer: thickness - from 20 mm; width - from 150 mm; length - up to 4 meters. Two sortings: grade “mix 0-3” and grade “rustic”. Cheap!
Grades "0" and "1" do have not been selected and we never do it.
Contact us to get more information.

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,  Севилья, ES
на Флагма с 21 сентября 2018

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