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Нитриловые перчатки

5.88 крон/box
Khorunzhyi Anatoluii Ivanovich
Khorunzhyi Anatoluii Ivanovich
,  Вильнюс, LT
на Флагма с 4 января 2021


The advantages of nitrile gloves are undeniable - they are thin and at the same time resistant to mechanical damage; their structure is not destroyed when interacting with various aggressive substances (for example, chemical solvents); they are "breathable" - therefore they do not dry the skin. This material is elastic (tensile limit is over 500%) and adapts to the shape of the brush. Thanks to the good mechanical memory of gloves, hands do not get tired for a long time. At the same time, it quickly returns to its original shape after removal. Nitrile is able to withstand high temperatures - from 40 to 100 ˚С 130 ˚С. At low temperature conditions (down to -20 ˚С), it also retains all its quality characteristics.
For medical purposes, it is best to use nitrile gloves without dusting with cornstarch. After all, starch can get into a wound or damaged skin and cause irritation.
Dear Sirs
Our company
Makes Supply of Nitrile Gloves
We work directly with the manufacturer's Factory !!!
It's profitable.
Without intermediaries!

Very small (XS - extra small)
Small (S - small)
Medium (M - medium)
Large (L - large)
Very large (XL - extra large).

Price 100 pcs = 5,88$ Box of 300 pcs = 17,64$
Form of payment Letter of credit!
The minimum order is from 500 thousand boxes.
Call, Write, we will conclude a Contract.
After issuing Letter of Credit within two weeks. The goods will be delivered to the place specified by you
Yours faithfully Anatoly.
+ 37067573769-Signal
Viber, Wattsap, Telegram +380687810540

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,  Вильнюс, LT
на Флагма с 4 января 2021

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Khorunzhyi Anatoluii Ivanovich
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