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Concrete Plant
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Добавлено: 14 января 2021, 07:08

Concrete Plant

85 000 $/штука
Условия поставки: EXW Анкара
Akbas Mustafa
специалист по экспорту
,  Анкара, TR
на Флагма с 20 февраля 2020


A concrete plant is a facility where concrete is produced by combining sand, water, aggregates, cement and additives. Stationary batching plants are suitable for users who do not plan to change locations frequently.

Aggregate silos can be manufactured with 3, 4, 5, 6 or more sections to give you the ability to produce concrete according to a standardized recipe. After dosing the inert material, they are conveyed to the mixer by means of a conveyor. Water, additives and cement are also dosed before entering the mixer. In order not to lose productivity, these processes are carried out simultaneously, and all contents are ready to become concrete for each batch.

TTC takes care of its customers and does everything to make the installation simple and efficient. Each object is equipped with a cabin, which consists of a control panel with all start and stop buttons and a personal computer on which you can monitor all processes. The computer can also monitor the filling of units and enter an unlimited number of concrete recipes. Moreover, you can get the report easily.

Also mobile and compact batching plants are available!

Номер объявления: 1763090
,  Анкара, TR
на Флагма с 20 февраля 2020
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