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IT specialist in Prague

I am looking for a job in Prague, Kč 100, part time
Kolesnik Aleksandr Sergeevich
Kolesnik Aleksandr Sergeevich 22 years old, Prague, vocational secondary education
+420 778 56X XXX

Work experience

Technical Support for Business Retail
2 years 3 mo. Jun 2017 - Sep 2019
АО Тандер, Краснодар
2 years 3 mo. Jun 2017 - Sep 2019
SQL database operations (data selection, data modification, registry deletion), triggers and secondary keys disconnection during database restoration
CentOS server administration
Database service, repairs and restoration
Logistics troubleshooting (operations and data flow)
Technical support for sales
Cash register troubleshooting (computer, PIN-pad, fiscal registry, weight control, buyer display)
Technical support for servers (analysis and diagnostics of server parts, HDD diagnostics based on attributes)
Prices troubleshooting (price transfer, price tag creation, synchronizing price databases with cash registers)
Troubleshooting cash register computers (server synchronization, clearing logs in case of overflow, replication)
Troubleshooting via call
Troubleshooting previously mentioned issues based on user requests

Vocational secondary education

Krasnodar Device Manufacturing College, Краснодар
Computer Systems Technician
3 years 9 mo. Sep 2013 - Jun 2017


Russian - fluent, Czech - basic

Additional information

I'm currently studying Czech in Prague and would like to continue working in IT as an intern. I'm available Monday through Friday for no more than 6 hours per day.

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