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Hledám obchodního partnera pro prodej vybavení
Соколовский А.С., SP, UA +7 ads
Výrobní společnost z Ukrajiny hledá obchodního partnera pro prodej našich produktů: vybavení pro výrobu pěnobetonových tvárnic a sypkého betonu...
Экспертгран, LLC, RU
Pellets directly from the production 80€ B. B. dark 90 € B. B. light 110 € 15 kg bag Call or text Viber what’s app for DAP
Peat moss for green houses
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +5 ads
Peat moss are manufactured for growing plants of vegetable flowery decorative cultures under the conditions of greenhouse factories (orangery)...
Wood pellets
Price on request
Ситников И.В., SP, RU +1 ad
We glad to introduce you our new product! If you already know the quality of our RUF briquette, you will not be disappointed in our pellets, and...
4890635010 Headlight level sensor link
$20/pc EXW
Петров А., PE, UA +20 ads
We offer Link Height control sensor, HeadLamp Level sensor Link. The headlights of your car are very low or blinding oncoming drivers (air...
Roof Top Ventilator
Price on request
Incircioglu, LS, TR +3 ads
Low pressure high efficieny fans are mounted on roofs and chimneys. Used to circulate air aspiration. Please note that, product...
Apple iPhone 11 pro max 512gb
Maplin Electronics Limited, SE, DE
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB Diese sind von Grund auf versiegelt und werden mit komplettem Zubehör geliefert. Interessierte Käufer können uns...
$222/t CPT
Sca Mezs Latvija, SIA, LV +1 ad
Karbamid, nitroammofos, npk, selitra na eksport. CIF ASWP, FOB, DAP. Karbamid Nitroammofoska NPK 16:16:16 Nitroammofoska NPK 16: 16: 16 +...
Velkoobchod oblečení/ Stock clothes wholesale
Wholesale price
Kreskat Trading, SIA, LV
Kreskat Trading is in clothing wholesale business for 15+ years. We offer qualitative clothes from European suppliers for men/women/kids; as well...
Agglomerate - polyethylene capsule, scrap film LDPE.
Wholesale price
€526-657/t CIP
Вистапро, LLC, RU +1 ad
We sell agglomerate - polyethylene capsule, scrap film LDPE, all documents for customs and delivery to Europe and other countries.
Feed mixes
Price on request
Апк -Ресурс, LLC, UA +6 ads
Our company sells Feed mixes with a high starch (corn based) according to the recipe of the customer. We work by bank transfer. Basic...
Parquet, two-layer flooring board from the manufacturer
Price on request
ТМ ЦарьграД, LLC, UA
TM "TsargraD" is a manufacturer of natural wood flooring and has its own woodworking production near Kiev. We offer you a two-layer flooring...
PVC Compound
Wholesale price
€0.90-1.13/kg DAP
Main Rubber Products, LLC, UZ
For 10 years, our company has been manufacturing primary PVC granules for the production of cables, hoses, glazing beads and gaskets. we can make...
Disposable gloves. The material is polyethylene.
Wholesale price
up to €0.40/pc
Полищук Д.А., SP, BY +2 ads
Gloves are polyethylene. Density 12 microns. In the package of 100 pieces. The minimum order is pieces. The price for packaging is relevant on the...
Dřevěné uhlí
Wholesale price
Паравоз, PE, UA
Prodej velkého dřevěného uhlí z vysoké kvality, z dubu, habru. Balení polypropylenových sáčků o hmotnosti 13-16 kg. Cena je obchodovatelná.
Prodej melounu z Ukrajiny/Watermelon selling from Ukraine
Price on request
Miyatorg, LLC, UA +1 ad
Naše společnost prodává meloun. Náš výrobek má vysokou kvalitu a dobré chuťové vlastnosti. Cena je diskutována. Our company is selling...
Lití železa
Price on request
Метэкспорт груп, LLC, UA
Lití na Ukrajině! LLC "MetExport Group" poskytuje služby litiny jakékoli složitosti podle výkresů zákazníka. MetExport Group vyrábí měsíčně 500...
Conveyor Belt Fasteners K27, K28
Price on request
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA +1 ad
For use in surface and underground mining, staples penetrate the fabric inlays in the conveyor belt without damaging the fibres. They ensure high...
Flour, spaghetti, macaroni
Price on request
AG Trade export company, LLP, KZ
Flour from leading producer of Kazakhstan made from high quality wheat. We have all sorts of flour. Bags of 50 kg. Macaroni, spaghetti made in...
Calibrates oak lamellas
Price on request
Нейман Т.В., SP, UA
Calibrated oak lamellas, humidity 8%+-2%. ABCD. Dimensions:
Egg Powder (WEP), (EYP-F), (EYP), (EWP-GF), (EWP-HW)
Price on request
SNGroup, LLC, UA
We offer Food safety and High-quality Pasteurized Whole Egg Powder (WEP), Pasteurized Fermented Egg yolk Powder (EYP-F), Pasteurized Egg yolk...
Startér PS-U2
Price on request
НПКФ Глобус, LLC, UA +4 ads
Elektrický startér typu PS - U2. Náhradní díly jsou vždy k dispozici. Prodej a záruka od výrobce! Dodávka do všech regionů Ruska, Běloruska,...
Wood for pallets
Price on request
Акустик Проект Групп, PUE, BY +1 ad
We are looking for stable buyers of the board sizes 17-25 * 85-100 * 800/1000/1200. 1 and 2 grade, needles. Freshly sawn forest. Up to 170m3 /...
Skleněná nádoba 3 litry (Kazachstán)
0.48/pc CPT  
Wholesale price
ТЕРМ.ІТ, LLC, UA +1 ad
Nabízíme velkoobchodní dodávky skleněné nádoby vyrobené v závodě Almatysteklo (Kazašská republika). Naše společnost je výhradním zástupcem továrny...
Price on request
Спарк, PE, UA +1 ad
Diesel D2, D6, EN590, Aviation Kerosene JP54 - We export. Deliveries - by tanker standards. Delivery basis - CIF ASWP, FOB.
Kuchyňská deska LG Hi-macs G001
200/sq m DAP  
Wholesale price
from €160/sq m
LG Hi-macs, LLC, UA +8 ads
Výroba kuchyňských desek z akrylového kamene s dodávkou do jakéhokoliv města v České republice
Wood pellets A2
91/t FCA
Макаев К.О., SP, UA +5 ads
We offer wood pellets from the factory Plant productivity - 500 tons per month Composition - 100% pine Wood pellets A2 Color - cappuccino Ash...
Аудиотелком, LLC, UA +3 ads
Sell urea 46% in unlimited quantities CIF, Payment L / C. On large volumes good discounts. Minimum order: 1000MT/month
Výroba toroidních transformátorů
Price on request
Юджэн, LLC, BY
Toroidní a pravoúhlá magnetická jádra - izolační transformátory, přizpůsobení a výstup od 1 VA do 8,5 kVA - třífázové sady jednofázových...
Sheet Metal Profiling Equipment
10,000/pc EXW
Инженерный центр Ковчег, LLC, UA +11 ads
I will sell equipment manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications of the customer, designed to obtain a profile of various...
Charcoal production and sale
280/pc FCA
Импекс Трейдинг Продакшн, LLC, UA +7 ads
We produce charcoal from hardwood
Charcoal pini kay
Kruk LLC produces and sells charcoal in Ukraine and abroad. The raw material for the production of our products is environmentally friendly wood...
Аушева А.Г., SP, UA +2 ads
Prodáváme ekologicky čisté byliny a ovoce z Ukrajiny a Moldavska ve velkých objemech. Calamus, kořen (Acorus calamus, rhizoma) 2,9 € / kg...
Aptamil Baby Milk for Export
Price on request
Ess-Food, GmbH, DE +1 ad
Aptamil Pre mit Pronutra Anfangsmilch (800 Gramm) EAN number: Aptamil 1 mit pronutra (800 Gramm) EAN number: (Carton have 4 X 800 Grams...
Wholesale price
Комфорт, LLC, UA
Startovací sada GoBarbecue je inovativní řešení all-in-one pro grilování. S našimi soupravami lze velmi snadno a rychle dostat dobře vyhřívané...
PP and PE rolls, bags, big bags for wholesale
$0.10/pc FCA
Ак Яг, SP, TM +11 ads
Good afternoon. We offer you high quality PP and PE rolls, threads, bags, big bags of any size with chipper price. Our products from primary raw...
Industrial pellets produced from pine and spruce sawdust
СеМалДрев, LLC, BY
We’re producing 6mm industrial pellets from pine and spruce dust as well. Our current production volume is 2000 ton per month. Our pellets are FSC...
Aerodynamic grain separator ASM-5
Грейн Енерджи, LLC, UA +4 ads
Grain Energy, LLC produces several types of grain separators: aerodynamic separators with productivity of tons/hour and screen separators with...
Vysokopecní koks 10-25 / 25-80 / 25-50 / 40 mm
Лайт Трейдс, LLC, UA +1 ad
Vysokopecní koks 10-25 / 25-80 / 25-50 / 40 + mm. : Výroba PAO KOKS Dodávka do 5000 t / měsíc. Obsah kalorií v rozmezí 7000 - 7300 kcal /...
Sell flannel
Wholesale price
€0.40-0.42/m FCA
БелАвтоРим, PUE, BY
We offer flannel dense unbleached ( density 167g) width 172 cm. From Turkmenistan.
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