Шпон строганый дубовий
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Шпон строганый дубовий

2   /метр кв.
1 - 2   /метр кв., мин. 5000 м.кв.  оптом
Условия поставки: DAP
Рижук Ігор Юрійович, менеджер ЗЕД
на Флагма с 10 августа 2017

Ефективно працюючи у напрямку своєї діяльності ми ніколи не зупиняємось на досягнутому, завжди йдемо вперед, на зустріч вимогам та потребам нашого клієнта. Працюючи швидко, злагоджено та гнучко ми на найвищому рівні виконаємо замовлення нашого клієнта. Ми завжди маємо на складі мінімум 200 тис кв. м. шпону різних порід, сортів та розмірів для того щоб кожен клієнт мав змогу переконатися у якості продукції та при нагальній потребі отримати той матеріал котрий йому потрібний не роблячи попереднього замовлення та зекономивши тим самим свій час. Ми маємо змогу запропонувати нашим клієнтам шпон товщиною від 0.50мм до 2.5мм та довжиною від 50см до 350см.
Company Tanforan Ltd was established in 2006. The primary activity is the production and sale of Oak sliced veneer of Ukrainian breed. From the very start and until today the company suggests the products of high quality at the reasonable price proceeding from the needs of each customer: the world-known factory or small local producer. It is why the most of our first customers have been working with us until now. We are happy to welcome everyone who is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation on condition of confidence and decency towards each other, help to solve problems concerning the reduction in price of a product by means of individual approach to each order. We are young team and we are always trying to improve our company and our work by implementation of world's standarts in woods industries and by exhibiting in worlds wood trade fairs. For the production of veneer, we use the best equipment and quality raw materials, which allows us to obtain a competitive and high quality finished product - oak veneer. We know and know how to work with wood! Our products are a combination of high technology and almost a hundred years of experience of generations. Natural veneer is a thin sheet of wood, having a natural color and structure. The benefits of natural veneer are: the environmental cleanliness of the material, the uniqueness of the texture, the aesthetics of the material. Veneer is cheaper than wood and the weavers weigh less with it. These are the benefits of natural veneer. By working effectively in the direction of our business, we never stop there, always go ahead, meet the requirements and needs of our client. Working quickly, smoothly and flexibly, we will execute the order of our client at the highest level. To produce veneer we use the best equipment and good raw material which allows of receiving the competitive final product of high quality – sliced veneer. We have always in stock at least 200 thousand m2 of veneer of different breed, sorts and dimensions so as each customer will be able to make sure of the quality of our products and receive the material they need without placing previous order and saving their time by that. We can suggest to our customers the veneer of 0.50mm to 2.5 mm thick and 50cm to 350cm in length.

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