Ammonium nitrate granulated grade A (GOST 2-2013) or analogs

Ammonium nitrate granulated grade A (GOST 2-2013) or analogs

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Корякин Андрей Андреевич, менеджер
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Interested in the purchase of Ammonium Nitrate Granulated (NH4NO3) grade A - for industry (hereinafter referred to as "AN"), used as a component in the manufacture of explosives in the countries of the former USSR.

Requires Ammonium Nitrate Granulated grade - A, manufactured in accordance with GOST 2-2013 (for CIS countries), with the following changes in consumer properties:
- without impregnation (treatment) by additives against caking;
- with the maximum possible size of granules with a high static strength, which is able to withstand all the hardships of transportation for long distances, and not splitting herewith a fine fraction, such as granulated sugar.

Please include the export price in US $ (VAT 0%), taking into account the above-mentioned consumer characteristics, conditions and delivery time, the payment procedure and other necessary information for the conclusion of the transaction (example of a long-term contract).

Packing in polypropylene woven bags with a closed neck (valve) with a polyethylene liner, with a nominal weight of 50 kg.
Approximate volume of the first trial purchase is 63 - 67 tons (railway car).
Specify, how is the transportation of the "AN" abroad, by rail in containers or in covered railway car ?

Is it possible to send the samples "AN" to Ukraine (if necessary)?

Also be required quality certificates, Specification and real photos of "AN", which will be offered for delivery, a normative-technical document, a photo of packed "AN" in polypropylene bags of 50 kg and other photos at your discretion...

We hope for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, is not a one-time deal!
Excuse me for my English, I write with the help of different translators)

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